February 8, 2022

Petra Software 


Company Profile:

Petra has a lot of experience in providing customer services. Our idea is based on customer satisfaction. We are confident that the most successful businesses have no limits, so Petra provides important solutions and services that grow your business. The Petra team meets to implement the advanced integrated programs on information technology and they have the influencing skills in the arts of speaking and dealing with clients through discussions and appropriate information that helps transform imaginary ideas that cross the oceans into a reality in Petra.

Our mission:

Our primary mission is flexibility and ease of implementation of the work that customers need for long-term business. Our project is produced with good thinking and impressive work. Petra Company specializes in software that focuses on developing websites, developing automation software, office software, e-commerce, ERP systems and technology consulting. Our service varies according to the needs of customers in terms of accounting services and the requirements of the labor market. We are committed to providing programs of the highest quality and consistency with the advantages of future technology and service needs of our valued customers. We follow international technology in delivering the programs that are assigned to it and are proud to provide all the features efficiently, at the lowest cost and with value to our customers

Dear customer:

For any problem or errors that you may have encountered, we always strive to achieve your satisfaction and acceptance, so you can send your complaint to the following email: and we will receive your complaint immediately, and we will work hard to solve it as soon as possible, please note that the hours Our work is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm according to the local time of Cairo, from Sunday to Thursday. We apologize for the late response outside business hours. Thank you very much for your appreciation


To communicate :

Address: 1 Al-Asal Street. The Republic. Assiut, Egypt
Phone: +20882065765
Mobile: +201012470508 / +201012470507

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