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June 4, 2015
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laboratory software

Smart Lab Feature

Smart Lab system for laboratory managment provides for you special solutions for organizing labs as it provides analysis creation process and its parameters with default values,also adding patients data and make analysis for them.It also helps you to add kits data,kits purchase invoices. Smart Lab has humman resources managment system and Accounting system.and so we have integrated system for laboratory management

laboratory software

   Technical Features

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Technical Features

  • Smart lab is available in Arabic and English.
  • Smart lab Integrates with
    • Win XP X86 – Win XP X64
    • Win 7 X86 – Win 7 X64
    • Win 8 X86 – Win 8 X64
  • Smart lab was built-in C# language .Net framework 4.
  • Smart lab provides with permissions for users and users’ groups.
  • The possibility of making database backup and restore.
  • Availability of automatic backup when closing software.
  • Smart lab supports Auto complete during writing in different fields.
  • Supporting working in LAN and within central database.
  • Existence of the name and password for each user and changing it.
  • Support printing reports and exporting it with more than 10 applications such as : Excel , Word , Rtf , Pdf , Xml
  • Using MySQL database.
  • Smart lab is based on the modern windows system.

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